2015-2016 Research Project

The CIPR LPS Group conducted a listening exercise in 2015 to help support practitioners in a changing climate and in response to feedback from member in 2014 on limited training budgets and a lack of time for development.

A number of focus groups and interviews with communications professionals in the local public sector were run across the country. The findings from the research were published in October 2015.

This page brings together links to news about the CIPR Local Public Service Group’s research project in 2015-2016.

Findings from the Research Report (October 2015)

LPS Research Report launch at CIPR (October 2015)

Focus group participant endorses research project (July 2015)

Heads of Communication final week to complete survey (July 2015)

CIPR announces new focus group venues across the UK (July 2015)

Survey for local public service Heads of Communications (July 2015)

Calling all local public service communications professionals (June 2015)