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The site is a volunteer project to provide signposting and suggested material for users to review and consider, and it, nor its committee or executive (including any member who has been asked to build or purchase domain names and hosting at the LPS’ request) is responsible for any actions taken by individuals in their organisations, businesses or for clients based on content on the blog. The information provided is for signposting of potential resources/ applications for further consideration and evaluation at the choice of the user or its organisations, and not provided for direct implementation or use in the absence of this, nor as official recommendation as the appropriate solution for the individual/ organisation by the CIPR’s LPS group.

As a volunteer project of the CIPR’s LPS group, this site may be registered and built on its behalf and at its request directly by or in conjunction with an individual committee member. As such no liability is accepted from any said individual or the organisations they may represent for such work which will be completed wholly at the request and agreement of the LPS group. The CIPR has been provided with details for full access of this WordPress site and the LPS’ social media platforms as part of the security set up and terms of use of these channels.

This site may collect a certain information or data about users when visiting it. This can include:

  • comments, feedback information, poll responses or queries, including an email address when you contact the LPS by email
  • the statistics package on for this site may collect your IP address, which site you were referred from and the web browser you used
  • details of how you navigate the site may be accessed by to help in understanding web use and the way information can be displayed
  • the LPS will ask you to contact the membership department of the CIPR if you have any changes to make to your payments, subscription or registration details. If you request the LPS group’s assistance in changing your subscriber preferences to enable you to receive details of the LPS, we will do so in consultation with the CIPR. The LPS committee will never ask you to provide your log-in or password details to the CIPR website or any bank account or payment details for your CIPR subscription – please keep these securely.

By collecting or using the information above that may be accessible by the LPS (not all of it will be), it will only be used to help us to improve the website as a resource for local public sector communicators in the UK. We will use the information where we can to:

  • make improvements to the site improve the site
  • provide a response to queries or feedback where you have opted for us to contact you
  • provide information to assist in accessing services you may want to consider. The site is a volunteer project to provide signposting and suggested material for users to review and consider, and it, nor its committee or executive (including any member who has been asked to build or purchase domain names and hosting at the LPS’ request) can not be held responsible for any links or for practitioners acting on information without undertaking their own analysis or consideration
  • it is our understanding that the data provided by does not personally identify individuals unless you provide your name and email in a comment box to be published.

Storage of your data and security

The website is hosted by and for details on the storage of data, please see hosting policy. By submitting your personal data to, you agree to this.

Transmitting information via the web may not be completely secure and will also depend on your computer’s security systems and settings and the wired/ wifi network and settings you use. The LPS can not guarantee the security of any data you submit via the website. As above, any personal data about your CIPR membership can be sent directly to the CIPR membership team or please contact the LPS by email if you have a query.

Any data you send via the internet will be at your own risk. Procedures and security measures have been established for the LPS group and to keep data secure once received and for the usage of this WordPress website. No liability will be accepted by individual volunteers or their organisations who/ which have been requested to set up provision and who have provided procedures and security measures for any non-compliance of data handling and security measures, copyright or legislation infringements, deliberate or unintentional, by the CIPR, LPS or any of its committee members.


Committee members (posting individually rather than at the specific request and for the LPS or the CIPR), invited bloggers, those commenting or posting to the LPS WordPress website are responsible for their own content and for checking copyright for images or audio used. A process to raise any queries prior to publication of material has been established, which can also be referred to the CIPR for further advice. All committee members have been advised to follow this process prior to publishing any material they believe may need further advice or assistance.

Any posting in breach or infringement of legislation, the CIPR’s guidelines or deemed to be inappropriate in terms of anti-discrimination legislation will be removed from the blog at the earliest opportunity. To report any potential content for consideration, contact us.

Spammers and automated comment submissions will not be published onto the blog and, where appropriate, their accounts or IP addresses will be blocked. This information may be shared with the CIPR.

Disclosing your information

The LPS will not share your information with any other organisation for market research, marketing or commercial purposes unless it has previously agreed this with you. Where awards/ surveys/ forms are completed for materials in conjunction with the CIPR, these materials will be shared with the CIPR and all data handling processes of the CIPR will be followed. Onward use of the data will be governed by the CIPR’s terms and conditions.

The LPS will destroy information relating to CPD enquiries six months after the CPD request has been closed and the data will not be shared apart from the enquiry number being listed in anonymous, aggregate data for the CIPR. The LPS will not retain any CVs, career histories, CPD or professional issues information or queries after a maximum of six months after the query has been closed. If you would like material deleted before this period, please contact the LPS. The group is here to support members’ professional practice and only retains the information in a dedicated email inbox for this purpose for a set time period.

We may pass on your personal information if we have a legal obligation to do so, in the case of any harassment, or if we have to enforce or apply our terms of use and other agreements. This will include sharing the information with the CIPR or its legal advisors and government agencies for legal reasons.

Your rights

You can request details of any personal information about you passed on or retained by the CIPR LPS through its yahoo email account or accessible to it via this WordPress. This will be provided at the earliest opportunity, in consultation with the CIPR and the LPS Committee. You can request specific information is deleted. Contact us

You can request details of any personal information about you sent, forwarded or retained by the CIPR LPS email by contacting the CIPR in addition to the LPS email address in this sub-clause.  This email account is managed by the CIPR. It is the registered ownership email for the LPS’ official social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Additional updates on social media channels are sent to the LPS yahoo email address, individual committee members authorised to update the channels on  behalf and for the LPS.

Link to the LPS from another website

If you have been directed to the LPS website via an online promotion or have come from a link on another website or social media, it and its organisation may have collected personal information about your visit and transfer. If you visit another website or digital channel from the LPS blog, we refer you to that channel’s privacy policy and terms and conditions.

The LPS is not responsible for nor would have access to the information about the operation of other sites or digital platforms outside its direct control. We refer you to the privacy policy of the website or digital channel/ platform before following any links from it.

Cookies uses Cookies and this blog has no individual control of Cookies on this facility at this time. Please see’s policy on use of Cookies.

Social media

The LPS has followed social media guidelines from the CIPR in its channels. The official ownership of these channels is registered to a CIPR LPS email account operated by the CIPR.

Specific guidelines on posting to the LinkedIn group are contained under the LPS LinkedIn group rules and are provided by the CIPR.

These platforms are run for the sharing of good communications practice and any abuse, spam will be deleted and individuals blocked as appropriate.