CIPR 2013-2014 LPS Awards

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Following the cancellation of the CIPR LPS 2014 conference due to external circumstances, entrants’ organisations have been contacted to process any refund arrangements. Thank you

Key information (awards entries are now closed)

Anyone working in or who worked in or with local public services in the UK in the qualifying period can submit an award entry, subject to the criteria and rules. Award entries are not restricted to CIPR members.

The full list of categories and criteria details are listed on this page and linked web pages. The closing date for the awards has been extended and the winners will be announced at a special event in 2015. Entry material must be within the period 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2014.

For a link to the secure, online award entry form, queries on a submission or to request an invoice for an entry category (£80 plus VAT for each category entered), email  This will also allow the LPS to send you any updates on the awards. You can also book for the CIPR LPS Conference, Awards evening, and/or pay the Awards entry fee online by credit or debit card via Eventbrite.

Details of the criteria for each category and additional items required for the Rising Star and Team of the Year Awards are provided below. Please review the CIPR Awards FAQs page for additional assistance and rules of entry.

CIPR Local Public Services Excellence in Communications Awards 2013-2014

Recognising communications best practice across local public services. The awards to win are now open for entries for 2014. It is time to celebrate the best work that the sector produces.These awards will be judged to the rigorous standards required by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. To be shortlisted shows your organisations how high the standard of work is that you and/or your team produce.

A panel of independent judges, chosen for their experience and expertise, will assess all entries. Judges will be drawn from the CIPR, from academic centres of excellence that specialise in PR and communications, and senior practitioners who have previously worked in local public services.

Entries should be well-written, simply presented and adhere to the entry criteria. Judges will want to see that objectives have been met and will look for factual evidence of evaluation.

The Judges will examine all entries and draw up a shortlist for each category. They will look for innovation, creativity and strategy backed up by evaluation. The final judging panel will select the winning and highly commended choices.

Organisations who are shortlisted may be asked to take part or be featured in one of the CIPR and CIPR LPS events or publications.

Closing date: tbc

For a link to the online entry form and payment details, email

The Categories

[1] Campaign of the Year
This category recognises excellence through the use of a fully integrated range of communications techniques. It could be a small or large campaign but needs to have used a range of channels and met its objectives.

[2] Rising Star / New to local public sector communications (less than 3 years)
Show us how you are making a difference to the organisation you work for or with and how you show considerable promise as future leaders in local public services communications. Please note there is no upper age limit for this award and it is open to both junior and experienced staff (in-house or agency) and independent practitioners.

More details below about a special prize for the winner of this award.

[3] Citizen Engagement
Show us how you have engaged citizens to support your organisation’s (organisations’) objectives and the outcomes it delivered. Detail the tactics you employed and demonstrate how the results realised your aims.

[4] Best use of Creative and Design
Being creative and using imaginative design is key to our communications. What are you doing that makes it stand out? Tell us about your outcomes of using great creative and design.

[5] Employee Engagement
Employee engagement is one of our key challenges during these times of change. We are looking for evidence of how you rose to this challenge, communicating change in difficult times whilst keeping staff engaged and motivated. Entries can focus on specific campaigns, internal publications or overall internal communications and employee engagement strategies.

[6] Publication of the Year
This could be a leaflet, postcard, flyer, a magazine or pretty much anything in print. We are looking for good design and well-written copy which is relevant to the audience. It must be cost effective with a clear indication that it suited its purpose, with positive feedback and evaluation.

6.1 – residents magazines
6.2 – other print

[7] Best use of Digital
Show us how you are using digital communications effectively. How are you pushing the boundaries and being innovative and creative with your digital communications? How did you reach your audience and how it resulted in objectives being met?

[8] Best Partnership
How did you work with other organisations to reach your audience and deliver change? Prove there was strong partnership working commitment.

[9] PR Stunt
For this award we really want to see how you have been creative and innovative. Often we have little or no budget but we maximise reach by doing something different. Tell us how you are being different through one off events to full on campaigns. What makes you stand out?

[10] Team of the Year
In this category we are looking for the best communications teams. Please note that to enter this category you need to submit entries in at least two other categories.
There are two classes in Category 10:
• 10a small team (5 staff or under)
• 10b large team (5 plus staff)
Additional criteria for this category is listed at the end of this document.

[11] Lifetime Achievement Award
The committee will announce the winner of this category at the awards ceremony. Entrants will be based on nominations received. To nominate an individual, send an email initially to and a member of the judging team will contact you.


Entry requirements for all categories
Email one copy of your entry as a PDF document to
The entry document should follow the rules below:

  • maximum 1,000 words
  • use Arial 11 point text – no design required
  • use the following headings –
    1. Objectives – what were you setting out to achieve?
    2. Strategy and implementation – what did you do and how?
    3. Creativity – what makes this standout?
    4. Budget – what was the total cost? Include staff time and the cost of any consultants
    5. Evaluation – hard evidential proof to show you met the objectives.
    provide the name and position of each person that worked on the campaign entry including in-house and consultancy personnel.
    Entries must be accompanied by THREE pieces of supporting evidence ONLY checked on receipt. The supporting evidence could be the communications strategy, a copy of the publication and evaluation data. You should also send a jpeg or PDF image that best represents your entry and your
    organisation logo
  • As with all CIPR Awards, if AVEs are used as a metric in entries, zero will be awarded in the measurement and evaluation section of the judging process.
  • FAQs about submitting entries and additional rules of entry can be found on the CIPR Awards FAQs page – please ensure you have read these.

The judges may ask for further evidence and have queries which will be sent to the contact point and include the date for receiving all replies.

Entry requirements for Category 2 – Rising Star/ Newcomer to Local Public Sector Communications

  1. Applications must be made personally by the candidate, and must include the following plus your organisation’s logo (contact as if you work for multiple organisations or are a contractor) and a recent photograph, email and one of the judging group will be pleased to assist you.
  2. Your entry must start with a 300 word summary of why you merit an award and be followed by a resume of your professional achievements (a PDF document no more than four sides of A4 in no design required).
  3. A piece of written work, either, an article or feature you are particularly proud of, or, an article on a public relations issue or topic of your choice, or, an account of a PR project you masterminded no design required.
  4. A signed letter from an employer or client supporting your application on your organisation’s letterhead. Entrants in this category may be invited to talk to the judges.

Additional information on the prize for this category is provided at the end of this page.

Entry requirements for Category 10: Team of the year

  1. To be eligible you need to submit entries in at least two other categories. You are required to submit a 500 word summary for this category as the judges will have access to your other entries. Please state at the end of your entry summary, the other categories you have entered and the name of the entry so that these can be cross-referenced.
  2. In your summary document you are asked to focus on:
    • the business objectives of the team
    • a list of its outstanding achievements in 2013-2014 (award period 1 January 2013 to the closing date for the awards)
    • evaluation of those achievements, including analysis of performance against budget
    • what makes this team special?
  3. You may be contacted to supply copies of publications or other communications.
    Entries must cover projects that have taken place between 1 January 2013 to the closing date for the awards.

Rising Star Award

Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, this year’s conference host, is
pleased to award the winner of the ‘Rising Star’ Category a place on their new online
Postgraduate Certificate in Public Relations and Digital Communications. The
Certificate, comprises of two units; Public Relations Theory and Strategy and Strategy
and Planning for Digital and Social Media Communications. These units can be topped up with further study to attain the MSc in Public Relations and Media Management.
Live weekly webinars will be hosted by experienced MMU PR professionals, with students able to interact with fellow classmates and tutors via video links. Each course unit also features two Foundation Days at the University’s new £75million Business School.

The course also offers students full access to the University’s resources as well as the
ability to meet and network with fellow professionals, guest speakers and the academic
team. For further information visit or directly to the course webpage