The FAQs and Rules of Entry below are from the CIPR’s judging process and relate to the LPS Awards.

Any additional information provided in answer to general queries from entrants will also be added to this page.

How many categories are there?
We have 11 categories – so there should be something to suit everyone.

Do you have to be a member to enter the LPS awards?
No. The CIPR LPS Awards are open to any organisation, company or individual connected to, or working within, the public relations or communications industries.

How do I submit an entry?
Send us a request for the link for the online secure form and details of how you want to pay the entry fee. Payment can be made either by Eventbrite for single entries or via invoice for single or multiple entries. Please submit a new form for each entry category entered.

Where do I find the criteria for each category?
The details are on the CIPR LPS Awards 2013-2014 page. Please note for two categories, the Rising Star and the Team of the Year, there are additional criteria at the bottom of that page.

How about the use of AVE measurements in entry submissions?
As with all CIPR Awards, if AVEs are used as a metric in entries, zero will be awarded in the measurement and evaluation section of the judging process.

How do I create a pdf of the entries to upload?
Notes on PDF creation (CIPR website)

What supporting documents can I provide with my entry?
Additional supporting information (images, artwork, clippings and other media) can be supplied – only three documents can be provided. Please note it is the responsibility of the submitting organisation to check all files uploaded as part of your entry have been checked as free from viruses or malware.

In addition, entrants have to upload a 80-word executive summary of your entry (in MS Word format only). This maybe be used in the future on the CIPR website, CIPR LPS promotions and communications, and printed material if shortlisted.

To provide an edited version of your entry removing commercial in confidence or confidential information prior to its use as a case study or promotion in CIPR and CIPR LPS publications and websites, and press material, if your entry is selected as a finalist or winner of an award, please contact after the shortlist has been announced to discuss this further. One of the judging team will be pleased to assist you.

Do you offer feedback on entries?
Feedback, in terms of numerical scoring, will be available on request to any non-shortlisted entrant.

Will my entry remain confidential?
Winning entries and/or summaries will be displayed on the CIPR and LPS’ websites, but we will contact you beforehand to check that the information is ok to be published. You will have the opportunity to submit and discuss amendments by the publication date. If you are shortlisted, your entry may also be publicised.

What happens if my entry is shortlisted?
You will be notified if your entry is shortlisted when the shortlist is published.

Who judges the entries?
A panel of independent judges, chosen for their experience and expertise, will assess all entries. Judges will be drawn from the CIPR, from academic centres of excellence that specialise in PR and communications, and practitioners who have previously worked in local public services.

If someone in our organisation is a judge, can we still enter the awards?
Yes, but the judge will not be allowed to judge any category in which you have entered.

Will I receive an acknowlegement confirming that you’ve received my entry?
Yes, receipt of entries will be acknowledged by email within one week of the final closing date.

Additional rules of entry

  1. All entries must be made by 18:00 on 26 September 2014. UPDATE: Please note this deadline was revised and any new or revised entries must be submitted by 1/2/2015.
  2. No entry will be considered unless the entry fee has been paid in full by the 26 September 2014. UPDATE: Please note that all entry fees must have been received by the CIPR (not just purchase order raised by the entry organisation) by 10 March 2015.
  3. All entries must be submitted online in PDF format and cannot be submitted in hard copy.
  4. Entry submissions that exceed 1,000 words may be disqualified.
  5. Any confidential information which has been included in the 1,000-word PDF entry summary can subsequently be removed from submissions which are shortlisted, prior to them appearing on the CIPR website.
  6. If you are a winner, your 1,000-word summary will be published online to promote the Awards and the work of the CIPR and CIPR LPS. If it contains confidential information, you may provide an amended summary in PDF format to replace it.
  7. You may submit the same entry in more than one category, but each entry must be submitted separately and paid for accordingly.
  8. There is no discount for submitting more than one entry.
  9. The decision of the judges is final and numerical scores only will be provided on request to any non-shortlisted entrant.
  10. Entrants associated with a CIPR LPS Awards 2014 judge or CIPR may still enter the awards, but the judge or CIPR officer/ staff member concerned will not take part in the judging process for the category involved.
  11. Where an organisation is the entrant, they must have the written permission of any third party involved in the entry, or with whom they have worked on the project, prior to its submission in these awards.
  12. In the event of a complaint against any winning or shortlisted entry, the CIPR LPS will conduct a full investigation into each case and will request detailed documentation from all parties concerned, including the complainant, the entrant and the client. The Chairs of Judges will make the final decision and if the complaint is upheld, the award will be withdrawn.
  13. No refunds will be made under any circumstances.
  14. In the event of disqualification, entrants will not be notified and as per point 9, the judge’s decision is final.
  15. At the time and date of entry, entrants agree that the information supplied is truthful and accurate.

CIPR’s Terms and Conditions
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