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Updated 29 May 2020

Thank you for all the wellbeing suggestions which we will highlight in our next feature. They will help inform how the CIPR’s LPS committee can continue to support practitioners now and in the future.

We continue to update the Wellbeing section on our Resource for Communicators. In response to feedback, we will develop the material into its own section on the site to be of wider support to practitioners.

Focusing on mental health and wellbeing

In the period around Mental Health Awareness Week in mid-May 2020, we were pleased to:

  • promote extra tips and links to useful resources, including items from the Mental Health Foundation, which ran the wellbeing campaign in the UK
  • provide PDF downloads ahead of and during the week to make it easier for busy communicators to read the materials or take part in the featured exercises
  • help make the resources easily printable or be viewed offline if practitioners wanted a break from their screens
  • provide downloadable code to help communicators embed official public sector videos on websites promoting Mental Health Awareness Week
  • link or share graphics from charities and public sector health organisations
  • share health advice from official mental health and NHS materials to counteract misinformation circulating even in the area of wellbeing
  • work with other CIPR groups and others in related sectors to bring together and share useful information
  • promote initiatives like CommsUnplugged and other events in communications and technology which encourage positive wellbeing

Thanks to those who helped check links and the material before they were promoted.

Discover items to support your wellbeing

The Wellbeing section of the Resource of Communicators

(if this link does not work for your device, please visit our Resource for Communicators during COVID-19, and then choose the Wellbeing chapter)


Thanks to Abha Thakor who led the work on the wellbeing resources online, the CIPR regional and sectoral groups for sharing items and their events, and to health charities for making information available. Thank you too to those who are working on the trends and follow-ups from the feedback to surveys and polls on wellbeing to help practitioners in the future.

Photo credit: Pixabay/ Wokandapix