Join the Behaviour Change Network for a free, virtual chat on Zoom to discuss littering, fly-tipping issues and environmental issues in general. It will take place on Friday 15 May 2020, 4.30pm-5.30pm. Booking is now open.

What we will be exploring

  • How is the current climate affecting people’s behaviour?
  • What issues are you seeing in your organisations?
  • Has fly-tipping and littering increased?
  • How are you dealing with it?
  • What’s working and what’s not working?
  • What are your plans as restrictions are relaxed?

The aim of the event is to have an informal discussion, to share the issues we’re all facing as communicators and discuss how we can best tackle behaviour change issues that we are seeing at the moment.

We’re hosting the event on a Friday afternoon… it’s an informal event… so please feel to have a drink at the same time.

The Behaviour Change Network will run these events regularly. If you want to discuss a particular issue around behaviour change, let us know.

This FREE event is open to CIPR and non-CIPR members. It is being promoted with the CIPR Local Public Services committee as part of its support for communicators.

Book your place

Registration in advance is required. The event is open to communications practitioners and people working in waste, littering and recycling roles. 

We’re capping numbers to ensure a good discussion.

Register via Eventbrite.


More information

Contact: Dominic Ridley-Moy at

Dominic runs the Behaviour Change Network to share best practice around behaviour change principles and their implementation. 

He is also a member of the CIPR’s Local Public Services Committee.

He works with organisations to “run behaviour change campaigns and develop nudge-based interventions that help people make better choices, from health and wellbeing to anti-littering initiatives/recycling to shifting people online.”

Thanks to @NonStopNewsUK for web work to support this event.

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