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Version with Welsh subtitles

We wanted to recognise the work being done by all those supporting communications in local and central government at this difficult time.

We have created a quick video to represent just some of the different roles communicators have during this emergency. We wanted to highlight the contributions by all those supporting public services at this time. Thanks to committee member Dan Slee on the committee for leading this, Abha Thakor and to everyone who took part.

Thank you to Dan for producing English subtitles for the video, and to Gareth Watson and Emma Raczka for translating the text into Welsh (PDF opens in new window).

Working together to help save lives

Mandy Pearse, CIPR President-Elect and Local Public Sector Group Vice-Chair, said: “Public service communicators up and down the country are working their socks off right now to make sure that people know what to do, how to access essential services and how to get support.

“It is brilliant to see communicators from central and local government, emergency services, transport, other public services, and the private sector service providers all pulling together.

“They’re working together to make sure people get timely information when and where they need it.”

What we’re doing to support you

We have produced a daily updated resource to assist communicators during the pandemic. We are working on bringing together guides and tips to help public relation teams and their colleagues directly in their day to day work and planning.

We are championing the issues faced by communications practitioners.

Surveys show freelancers falling through support gaps

We are putting a spotlight on major campaigns and highlighting templates for sharing.

We are featuring tools and social media assets to help communicators in the fight against misinformation on coronavirus (COVID-19)

“The CIPR has been supporting the profession for 70 years. We continue to be there for individuals working in or supporting public service communications.” – Kerry Sheehan, CIPR Public Sector Group Chair

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Thank you to all supporting public services

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Good, effective communication is supporting the effort to save lives,
keep people well
and run vital services.

Kerry Sheehan, Chair of the Local Public Services Committee and a member of the UK Gov Comms team, has praised everyone supporting government communications, providing updates and health information to citizens across the the UK and helping maintain vital services.

She said: “Good, effective communication is supporting the effort to save lives, keep people well and run vital services. We are full of admiration for practitioners – it is brilliant what is being done and the dedication being shown.”

Kerry added: “Communicating in a one-off crisis which may last a few days to a month can be tough. Many communicators have previously supported local and national emergencies, and know this can be a demanding workload especially for small teams.

“However, there are not many communicators who have been involved with communicating an emergency on this global scale. It affects everyone in the UK, all public sector stakeholders, private providers which support the government with services as well as overseas citizens, businesses and stakeholders who interact with the UK and its services.

“Being on the front line working to provide the very latest and accurate information to the public, supporting the messages of ‘stay home, stay safe’, communicating with thousands of stakeholders and dealing with emerging issues and thousands of unexpected effects of the crisis is a huge task. We wanted communicators to know they are valued and their dedication appreciated.”


The CIPR LPS published a guide (29 April 2020) to help communicators following any sad death of a colleague, elected representative or volunteer from #coronavirus. You can also find information relating to bereavements at work in this section of our #COVID-19 Resource for Communicators.

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