Online coffee break – looking after wellbeing of communications practitioners supporting the public health effort.
This event has now taken place. Thank you for your contributions.

Updated on Monday 13 April 2020, 3pm. If you would like to check practising the connection, you will be able to use your log-on details from 5pm-6pm.

A wellbeing break for communicators

This drop-in coffee break will run today (13 April 2020) at 7pm BST. We’ve set up this temporary service in response to members‘ requests for a space they could come together to talk (video optional) and share some ideas for wellbeing and strategies for working in self-isolation. 

It builds on what you’ve told us during our CPD support campaign earlier this year and the assistance requested through our resource guide for communicators during the coronavirus outbreak.

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How the CIPR is supporting practitioners

We have had a huge response to our video highlighting how communicators are representing services at this time. More than 7,000 views in just a few days on Twitter alone. But more importantly we’ve heard from you on the issues of tackling isolation and building resilience.

We want to signpost CIPR‘s wellbeing resources and support provision, as well as the variety of help from other CIPR groups.

Who is it for?

It is part of the support we are offering to all communications practitioners, in whatever area, supporting the country-wide response to the public health emergency. We are aware that PRs from different sectors are involved in the response work to local, national and organisational communities. 

Any communications practitioner can join. We have set up a pro account with the added security and registration is required via Eventbrite to avoid any spammers accessing the link. Places are limited to help us keep costs down. Email addresses from registration will not be retained on the CIPR LPS email.

We will follow Chatham House rules and ask everyone attending to be respectful of others.

Timings for this first call

Bring along your favourite drink and enjoy some wellbeing time.

  • 6.50pm: You are welcome to log-on to the CIPR LPS Zoom link. Someone will be available to help you with any Zoom set up and test your connection. Please be patient if there is a short delay in admitting you into the call.
  • 7-7.30pm: Main session. Opportunity to chat informally with other practitioners.
  • 7.30pm – 7.45pm: Additional time for ways you can share your communication templates with others through our resource.
  • 7.50pm End (latest): We’re trying to respect people’s time and not clash with other support activities for communicators.

We will be guided by attendees on future coffee breaks. 

Come and join the team

Kerry Sheehan and Peter Holt will be the team members doing the welcome.

Kerry Sheehan, Chair of the LPS Group, said: “We wanted to provide something quickly in response to requests. We‘ve heard that some people are beginning to find it hard isolating away from their team members and dealing with some very difficult issues. We had a number of requests asking for support during the Easter weekend and we’re therefore providing this coffee break today. We will continue to work with others and be guided by practitioners in how best we can support them going forward. 

“Thank you to our practitioners who helped develop this provision and all the work to put it together in a short timescale.” 

Can I catch up on the coffee break afterwards?

The coffee break will not be recorded. But we will continue to signpost other ways you can access support from the CIPR and other organisations. 

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