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A call for UK public sector crisis experts to join a virtual advisory group has been put out by the CIPR Local Public Services Group.

Kerry Sheehan, Chair Chair CIPR LPS says: “We are moving into a different phase of the COVID-19 crisis in the UK. As well as amplifying the public health emergency and economic messaging, local public services need to act to show leadership in their communities on the ground, to reassure people how local services will be delivered and identify what help is available to support vulnerable people, as well as businesses locally.”

Mandy Pease, Vice Chair CIPR LPS and CIPR President-elect 2020, added: “We know that for many local public service communicators, especially those working in small teams, times are tough.

“This type of crisis is not the shorter one-off or multi-agency major incident followed by recovery phase which people are more familiar with. This is about the ongoing and prolonged, public health and economic emergency and when we get to it, and we don’t know when that will be, the crisis recovery. This is why we are putting together an expert advisory group who can help give effective guidance and act as a sounding board.”

What we need

Anyone wishing to serve on the advisory group needs to:

  • be a CIPR Chartered Practitioner and/or have completed the CIPR Diploma in Crisis Communication
  • have experience of local public services communications such as council, fire, police, local health or environment agency
  • have experience of dealing with a long running health or other crisis such as Ebola, Foot and mouth, Swine flu or flooding
  • have experience of engaging with communities especially online

Aims of the group

The key aims of the advisory group will be to have a pool of experts who are not working directly on COVID-19 so that they have time to horizon scan, assess sentiment and advise where gaps are appearing in local public service messaging as well as provide a source of advice and support for those dealing with messaging on the frontline.

Contact the LPS

Anyone who feels they fit the bill should contact ciprlps@yahoo.co.uk and just outline their experience and how they can help.

By mpearse