Due to the current situation in the UK and globally with coronavirus/Covid-19, the CIPR public services group will focus on sharing important information updates for communicators on the coronavirus for the foreseeable future. We will, of course, regularly review this and adapt to the needs of communication professionals.

We will continue to update the coronavirus communicators resource regularly with official information, assets and anything else appropriate communicators ask us for, reflecting the latest.

We have received an unprecedented amount of questions and requests for support from public service communicators during the past week, and it is continuing to escalate. It is, therefore, vital the public services committee focuses our attention on this, as well as continuing our work to support the UK’s official guidance through effective communication. We also have input from communicators and IT practitioners from different sectors.

Keep up with official information on coronavirus

We have made several updates to the coronavirus communicators resource in recent days, following requests for support from public services communicators, with the aim of making it easier to lift and embed content and assets to put in your communications. Please do check it regularly as well as the official information sources: NHS.UK, Gov.UK, Public Health England and your locality specific information, and WHO.

The latest updates in our resource page include:

● community information sharing – including the latest official guidance on how to counter misinformation, and updates from WHO and Facebook
● source referencing on official assets – putting official source references by all official assets, graphs and visuals
● link descriptors and dates on the official images – we’ve added publishing dates to the links to help communicators copy the links to their channels
● graphics and YouTube videos – the direct link to each official video feature to help communicators find and use them on their website or copy the code to embed them.

Next few weeks and months

UK Government and global government science and medical experts predict the number of people affected by the Coronavirus will continue to rise and health officials around the world are on high alert. Communicators in the public services from central Government to local authorities, health and social care services and a whole range of other support services are doing a vital and incredible job, supporting staff and citizens. We expect public service communications teams to come under increasing pressure the coming weeks and months. It is therefore important to have longer term plans in place.

Our committee of Chartered and experienced communicators who have worked on many emergency situations are supporting practitioners in this work. It goes without saying, wellbeing of all public service communicators is an utmost priority and ever more so during these unprecedented and uncertain times. Please do look after yourself and each other and continue to let us know how we can best support you all.

The CIPR Public Services Committee, 16 March 2020

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