Its our 10 day countdown on CPD. Today CIPR LPS Chair and Vice Chair Kerry Sheehan and Peter Holt explore some of the professional development resources you can read on public trust in organisations and professions. They write…

There is a range of data sources you can access to find out who and what the public trusts.

[slideshare id=198342561&doc=trustinprofessionsipsosmoriveracityindex2019-191127102859]

The Ipsos MORI Veracity Index is published annually, most recently in November 2019, and its headline this year is stark. It states: ‘Trust in politicians falls, sending them spiralling back to the bottom’.  Read the full report (just 12 slides) and claim your 5 CIPR CPD points.

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The Edelman Trust Barometer is also published annually, most recently in January 2020, and provides complementary evidence about public trust nationally and internationally. The latest edition warns of “a growing sense of inequity is undermining trust.” The full report, consisting of 78 slides, gives another 5 CIPR CPD points.

The new Professional Association Research Network’s report on Promoting Professionalism is another recommendation for CPD in this area. It specifically compares how the UK general public thinks about public relations as a profession, compared to nine other professional groups. These other groups include accountancy, allied healthcare, asset management, banking, insurance, healthcare, engineering, law, management professionals and project managers.

The CIPR’s commentary on the report ‘Public Relations seen as more transparent than any other profession’.

Peter Holt and Kerry Sheehan write: “This report contains some hard to digest messages, as well as some more reassuring results, including that PR is viewed as more transparent than any of the other professions compared against, but sadly only  11 per cent of the public believe PR professionals are trustworthy – the lowest result for any of these 10 professions.

“Better yet, why not share the links and the report with your team to each read ahead of a team development meeting, and follow it up with a 30-60 minute discussion about what this means for how you operate. That’s 15 CPD points in the bag for each of you!

“In team meetings where we have used this kind of approach, we have found the sessions have been the most creative and thoughtful sessions we’ve been involved with. Ten CPD points up for grabs for no cost whatsoever or 15 CPD points if you purchase and share the third report.”

KerryKerry Sheehan goes on to note public trust in institutions is the lowest it ever has been. The PARN Report highlighted only 11% of the public think PRs are trustworthy! She thinks it is time to really start to gain the best understanding and practice of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Kerry adds: “The public sector is making real inroads into automated services at the point of entry and looking to artificial intelligence (AI) to help provide core services such as social care and children’s services as it is legally required to, to supporting growing populations and communities with ageing populations.

“I recommend checking out the AIinPR primers for 5 CPD points and also adding another 10 points by tuning into the Fundamentals of data, AI and machine learning webinar we did with the Southampton Data Institute and Dame Wendy Hall, Chair of the UK All Parliamentary Committee on AI. We need to gain understanding on why AI is the communicators new imperative, our intelligent assistant and recognise that PR, including in the public sector, is still sleepwalking into data and AI.”

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