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Following the conclusion of this year’s CIPR Election, Mandy Pearse has been named CIPR President-Elect for 2020.

Congratulations to Mandy, who has been a long-standing volunteer for the institute, including as Chair of the CIPR Local Public Services group and an elected member of CIPR Council for a number of years.

Mandy said: “I am humbled to walk in the footsteps of such giants of the profession, and am touched to the depth of my soul by the warmth, trust and confidence shown in me.

”Thank you again to all my nominations, supporters and voters, to the election organisers, and to everyone who took part, not least Rachel Royall and her supporters.”

She added: “I’m pleased that this campaign has been about the ideas and issues we need to address. I will work closely with colleagues to deliver on my pledges.”

More information on the election results

Thanks to everyone who took part in highlighting opportunities for the institute and its support to members.

The LPS group looks forward to continuing to work with Mandy and all CIPR volunteers to continue efforts to raise awareness of the institute, support members’ professional development, represent practitioners, and take part in how PR develops with technological advances.


Thank you message from Mandy Pearse


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