CIPR Excellence - Winning Matters

By Mandy Pearse, Chair of the Local Public Services Group

Winning an award is not an end in itself however lovely the award ceremony or black tie dinner. The bigger prize has to be the potential that winning or being shortlisted unlocks.

CIPR Excellence - Winning MattersFirst and foremost is the lift to the staff. In the public sector where rewards can be limited and the demands are increasingly tough being recognised as a high performing professional team can be a huge motivator. It also has the secondary value of allowing PR staff to challenge the weird and wonderful ideas of non-communications’ colleagues from a point of clear professionalism.

It increases credibility with the Senior Leadership team, both managers and elected politicians, that not only do they have a professional PR outfit but one that is recognised as best in breed within the industry. They give more weight to the advice being given.

Another unexpected bonus is the power of success. In a public sector world, increasingly working in complex partnerships, it’s amazing what being seen as a winner can do. Suddenly partners who were playing difficult about a campaign are all keen to get on board hoping that some of that glitter will rub off on them. Equally corporate teams suddenly get to pitch for work that their organisations had previously outsourced.

Choose the awards which could be the key to opportunities

However, there is one word of caution, not all awards are equal. To achieve the outcomes above the award you win has to have credibility. That means the body giving the award must be perceived as an industry leader, the award process has to be rigorous and the other award winners must be of sufficient calibre.

For me the CIPR Excellence awards tick all the boxes above. It has one of the toughest set of criteria. I know I’ve judged these awards. If you win one of these you really are one of the best in the business.

Entry deadlines

The deadline for standard entries is 26 February 2019 with a late entry fee payable after this date until the final closing on 5 March.


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