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Why you should take the time to complete the survey

Help document the issues faced by the PR and communications profession by contributing to the 10th anniversary survey by the CIPR. 

Kerry portraitKerry Sheehan, CIPR Council and Local Public Services Committee member said: “It is really important members take just a few minutes to complete the annual CIPR State of the Profession survey and have their voice heard.

“Our profession is changing across all sectors and industries, including the public sector, and at a pace never seen before. With new technologies, it brings opportunities for us in our roles as well as the opportunity to diversify our skills, to include must-know business. But how exactly are they helping/impacting you currently?”

She added: “We’re also seeing resourcing an ongoing issue for most teams against a backdrop of work demands increasing with the ever important need to look after our colleagues and ourselves in roles, which can be pressured.

“If we don’t tell it as it is, we can’t make recommendations to industry and sectors on the best way forward – Please contribute your views and how it is for you. It’s important!”

CIPR State of the Profession Survey 2018/19

The survey, run by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in partnership with Chalkstream, is now in its 10th year. It aims to deliver industry leading data on the trends, issues and challenges impacting public relations and give a representation of the profession as a whole. It will consider a wide range of areas, from skills and salaries to diversity and gender pay.  The research will help benchmark standards and highlight areas which have guided the improvement of professional practice.

The results will be published in the first quarter of 2019.

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