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Three advocates of local public service communications will be on the 2019 CIPR Council. Congratulations to Mandy Pearse, Peter Holt and Kerry Sheehan who were elected in September 2018.

Championing public sector communicators

Mandy Pearse

Mandy Pearse MCIPR, who also chairs the CIPR Local Public Services group, said: “Really pleased to have been re-elected to the CIPR Council so I can continue to champion the role public sector communicators play and argue for the member offer to reflect our needs. I’m very excited to be joined by Peter and Kerry and I’m sure together we will be an effective force for change.” Mandy was nominated by the CIPR Local Public Services group.

Highlighting the value of the CIPR groups

phPeter Holt Chart.PR MCIPR said: “I’m really looking forward to joining Mandy on the CIPR Council. With Kerry joining now too, we will have a couple of extra voices to line up behind Mandy.”

He added: “I think there are some real issues I would like to focus on. My own personal experience of CIPR membership is that the most value I get is from the work of the sectoral and regional groups, where the work is done by volunteers, with very little funding from the membership subs I pay. I hope that a bigger Council representation now will enable us to move some of these issues forward.”

Promoting PR’s role as strategic advisors

Kerry Sheehan Chart.PR MCIPR said: “I’m delighted and proud to have been elected to the CIPR Council 2019 representing tech advances in PR, through my work on the #AIinPR panel. We have to continually diversity our skills, and strongly believing PR needs some good PR. This is so we can show, through our strategic advice and work, why we’re needed – and show the people who make decisions why their reputations matter and why PRs are right people to build up their profiles and contribute to the social good.”

She added: “The time is definitely right to really start championing our industry as we make more inroads to becoming a profession and as more of us become Chartered PRs, and as we start to see a bit shift towards earned media.

“And, it’s particularly important as we are seeing the lines between internal and external communications and PR and marketing blurring even further at a fastening pace.”

Peter and Kerry were nominated by members of the CIPR.

> Elections for 2019 CIPR Council – statement by returning officer, September 2018. The candidates statements can also be found on this page of the CIPR website.

> Elections process for 2019 CIPR Council, September 2018


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