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In recent years there have been sweeping changes to the way local areas across England are governed. ‘Devolution deals’ have seen city regions given certain powers and freedom to make decisions that affect their areas including, helping businesses to grow, creating economic growth and deciding how public money should be spent.

As PR practitioners, we need to understand these changes, and ensure that we continue to influence and inform at a strategic level to continue to help shape future policy.

Event box - 18 Sept 17.00 NewcastleCIPR Local Public Services Group is working with Gill Morris, Chief Executive of devolution agency, DevoConnect – to organise a special event looking at the role of PR professionals in supporting devolution plans. We will be discussing how important it is for PR to advise and influence on a strategic level so messaging is clear, concise and reaches the right audiences.

This event is perfect for anyone working in PR and communications that would like to know more about devolution and join a discussion about our role, as PR practitioners, in helping to deliver it.

I am delighted Gill is able to join us and share her expert knowledge. As Chief Executive of DevoConnect, Gill is at the forefront of devolution and Metro Mayor plans.

For many people, devolution is still a relatively new concept. It is bringing about significant changes to the way public money is spent and how decisions that impact regions are made. 21 million people in the UK are now served by a Metro Mayor following devolution deals in the West Midlands, West of England, Greater Manchester, Sheffield City Region, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Liverpool City Region and the Tees Valley.

On a recent visit to the North East as part of Great Exhibition of the North, Prime Minister Theresa May announced Government would formally conclude the North of Tyne devolution deal and begin the transfer of new powers from central Government to the newly formed North of Tyne Combined Authority, which comprises of Newcastle, North Tyneside, and Northumberland councils.

The historic deal will unlock a £600m investment fund for the region and is expected to generate £1.1 billion for the local economy, create 10,000 new jobs, and leverage £1.2 billion in private sector investment.

To find out more about how devolution is impacting your area and how you can support future policy decisions in your role as a PR professional, come along to our future event.

Please note this event has been postponed from 18/9/2018, apologies for any inconvenience.


Blog by Jen Robson, Head of Communications at the North East LEP


Is devolution changing your comms?

The changes in regional governance will need to be communicated for both delivery and engagement.

Do you have questions or tips on the impact of devolution on comms or how it can make a positive input? The CIPR LPS is collecting examples and case studies of how your teams are involved – email us.


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