Green and black coloured logo in zig zag shape to symbolise sharing of knowledgeDo you share information with other public sector organisations? How do teams learn from each other’s experiences? What is your department’s approach to knowledge management?

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations Local Public Services group (CIPR LPS) is working with the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing on ways to improve the sharing of information in order to enable better outcomes for public sector service users.

You can help the Centre by completing its annual survey on what information sharing means and represents to you. The CIPR LPS will be sharing the results on what is needed for information sharing and working with Centre on guides and tips to help PR and communications practitioners in the public sector.

Some of the questions on information sharing explored in the survey:
– is it seen as a problem?
– is more training needed to help services make better use of it?
– are there examples of best practice which can be exemplified?
– does more work need to be done to look at cultural barriers?

The closing date for the survey is Monday 6 November 2017. The Centre will keep responses to the survey anonymous.

> Fill in the Public Sector Information Sharing Survey 2017

screenshot from the survey on information sharing

Nathaniel Aust, Dissemination Co-ordinator at the Centre, said: “We want to know what information sharing means to you and the organisation you work for. So, we’re launching an annual state of the nation survey to gather and track your thoughts, opinions and beliefs about information sharing. We want to hear from a wide range of areas from health to education and everything in-between. The results will give us a better understanding of where the public sector is with regards to information sharing;

He added: “The survey is designed to help us check we are providing the right support to allow the public sector to utilise the opportunities that information sharing offers.”

Communications practitioners are asked to share the survey within their organisations to help find more ways to collaborate across teams and public sector authorities. Holly Bremner, Head of Dissemination at the Centre and Vice Chair of the CIPR’s Local Public Services Group, together with LPS Group Chair Mandy Pearse called on practitioners to help improve take-up of the survey by promoting it on their internal communications channels as well as using the survey to show examples of how information is shared by and with communications teams.

Joint working with the CIPR LPS & The Centre

The CIPR LPS, Chartered Management Institute Southern Region and the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing are working together on a series of webinars and events on the new General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) which come into force in May 2018.

Holly Bremner and Abha Thakor will be leading the webinar with tips from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

> More about GDPR and the first in the series of webinars to be held on 6 December 2017, 11am-12.30pm

What is the Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing?

The Centre’s role is to “challenge, inspire and support change in order to transform services through improved information sharing across the public sector”. It works locally and nationally across a range of policy areas to “help uncover and understand what is limiting good information sharing between them and their partners. Challenging culture is at the heart of our work. We recognise that you can have the best policies and databases in place, but without the right culture and mind-set, these will only take you so far.”

Its team work closely with organisations to “support local places in identifying the barriers to the flow of information within their partnerships. We are then in a position to capture the learning and share this with other places that are facing the same issues. Through this way of working, our ultimate aspiration is for information sharing to move from being a simple shift in language to a total shift in the working practices of public service providers.”

The Centre is funded by both central government departments and local places. It works closely with a range of agencies including the Local Government Association (LGA), the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the Information Governance Alliance (IGA) and the CIPR Local Public Services group.

> Reports and case studies from The Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing