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9 October 2017 – Intellectual Property webinar: what you need to know

5 December 2017 – Mental Toughness and Personal Resilience webinar

26 September 2017 – Media measurement made simple event, London. Find out how this CIPR Marcomms event and our curated resources, featured below, can help you in your work.

12 October 2017 – Is Fake News undermining Democracy event, Bristol – CIPR South West and CIPR Local Public Service event


Measurement and AVE

Confused about measurement in communications? Want advice on how to follow AMEC and CIPR’s recommendations about using alternatives to AVE? We will be bringing you a series of blogs and resources to help you better understand measurement.

Marcomms_logo_400x400Our sister group, CIPR Marcomms, is running an event ‘Media Measurement Made Simple’ on 26 September 2017 in London at CIPR’s HQ. This evening CPD event will run from 6.30pm to 9pm, with registration from 6pm.

The speakers will include talks from Richard Bagnall, AMEC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PRIME Research (UK). “Richard will present AMEC’s position on Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) which has long been the subject of intense criticism , and look at the alternative for the PR industry to ensure that we all speak with a unified voice and have a common measurement tool.

AMEC-MM2017His presentation will show how the future will look for PR practitioners looking to measure across all business areas,” according to CIPR Marcomms Group, which is running the event to coincide with AMEC’s Measurement Month. AMEC is the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication.

Other speakers will be Giles Peddy, Group Managing Director, Lewis, Gerry Ward, Managing Director, Press Data and Stuart Bruce FCIPR, Leader CIPR Task and Finish Measurement and Evaluation Group. They will explore how measurement needs to evolve to reflect PR’s changing need in an integrated marketing world.

There will be drinks and nibbles at the event.

You can book for the event on 26/9/2017 on the CIPR Marcomms event page on Eventbrite.

More news on AVE and measurement links

The CIPR will publish a new professional standard on public relations measurement in autumn 2017 which will ‘identify the use of AVEs in public relations as unprofessional and set out an expectation of members that their use will cease’.

CIPR President, Jason MacKenzie FCIPR Found.Chart.PR said: “This goes beyond banning AVEs from awards. Our members know that AVEs are a fantasy metric so it’s time to put an end to their use for good. We welcome AMEC’s commitment to their eradication and look forward to banning their use in public relations.”

The new guidelines will ‘warn the public about the use of misleading metrics and highlight the role of the CIPR Code of Conduct in raising standards of practice. Members currently using AVEs will have a period of one year to complete a transition to valid metrics, which the CIPR will support with resources. Members found to be using AVEs thereafter may be liable to disciplinary action.’ The new guidance will be presented to CIPR Council in September 2017.

Chair of the Professional Practices Committee, Kevin Taylor FCIPR said: “AVEs as a measure were nothing but fanciful even before the rise of online publishing. Anyone attempting to use them today is fooling themselves, fooling their clients, and failing the profession. AVEs have no place in modern, professional, PR practice.”

CIPR pledges AVE ban and welcomes AMEC initiative (June 2017)

Why AVEs are invalid – AMEC guide

AMEC Measurement Month 2017

AMEC ‘Say No To AVEs’ Campaign

PR Academics support call to end use of AVEs (June 2017, AMEC)

CIPR’s Research, Planning and Measurement Toolkit – CIPR members can access this toolkit online as part of their membership.

Article by Abha Thakor


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