Are you an independent practitioner or consultant working in the public sector? You can learn about practical issues impacting on sole traders and small organisations at a free evening event at the CIPR in London on Monday 22 May 2017.

Experienced freelance professionals will share their practical tips and strategies for dealing with some of the latest challenges.The workshop will be held in partnership with The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE).

Topics will include:

  • proactive steps for avoiding pitfalls and grabbing opportunities
  • understanding finance and the impact of IR35
  • protecting your income
  • maximising the strength of your network

“Freelance independent practitioners are a valuable resource for the public sector bringing in fresh perspectives, providing interim support and helping develop talent,” Mandy Pearse, the Chair of CIPR’s Local Public Services group.

“Many of our members have periods of working as independent practitioners and the current focus on IR35 in the public sector can cause complexities especially where people work for several public sector clients and where organisations interpret the rules differently.”

“independent practitioners are a valuable resource for the public sector” 

Almost a fifth of PR professionals are independent practitioners and consultants, according to the CIPR’s State of the Profession research, says Rob Morbin, Head of Engagement for the Institute. He said: “Constant change in the sector is a challenge in itself for freelancers, especially in the context of an unpredictable political climate. The new IR35 regulation that came into effect this month has altered tax arrangements for the self-employed. This seminar will support freelancers by helping them understand how the changes could impact upon their business.”

The event at the CIPR, Russell Square, London is free to attend, but pre-registration is required. You can book your ticket for the 22 May 2017 event on Eventbrite. If you can not attend in person, watch the event live on the CIPR’s Facebook page.

The CIPR calls for scrutiny of IR35 (May 2017)

Guidance issued by the CIPR on the change in legislation on IR35 affecting independent practitioners working in the public sector through their own limited company (April 2017)

The CIPR calls for more support for independent practitioners (April 2017)

ManagingYourFinancesAsIndepPractitioner218x94Managing Finances as an Independent Practitioner – CIPR Skill Guide

CIPR Guides for Independent Practitioners (available to CIPR members)


Recognising practitioners

JMacKenzie100The contribution of independent practitioners has been highlighted by the current CIPR President, Jason MacKenzie (pictured). He said: “Independent practitioners are part of a wider freelance sector which contributed £119 billion to the UK economy last year. Their entrepreneurial spirit should be applauded. They take on considerable risks, not having a guaranteed regular income, paid holiday, sick leave, workplace training budgets or access to statutory maternity and paternity schemes.”

The CIPR also recognises the contribution of independent practitioners through its annual Excellence Awards. Open to members, the award recognises the achievements, performance and excellent work of an a practitioner during a period of three years.

Who is on the shortlist for the 2017 CIPR Excellence outstanding independent practitioner and other award categories?

CIPR Council member Laura Sutherland on the main challenges for independent PR practitioners (Influence Magazine, May 2017)

Rachel Miller on how to work as an independent communications contractor. Rachel specialises in internal communications (April 2017)

Lindsey Collumbell on lessons learnt as an independent PR practitioner (December 2016)


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