Local public services communicator Ross Wigham shares his experiences of taking part in a CIPR LPS’ roundtable discussion on the future skills needed for practitioners in the sector.

Ross writes: “The excellent facilitation by Newcastle’s Steve Park [CIPR LPS Committee Member] led to some really inspiring discussions about the future of the profession and again highlighted the fact that we have some outstanding public sector practitioners up here, despite the immense challenges and financial constraints facing everybody.

“The final report will make essential reading when all the workshops from across the UK are brought together as part of the research,” added Ross, who is also a member of the CIPR’s NE Group’s Committee.

Ross Wigham’s blog on the CIPR LPS research

The CIPR Local Public Services Group has been running focus groups in July in venues across the UK. The focus groups are part of a research project delivered in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, which aims to understand the current and future training and development needs of PR practitioners.

Further focus groups will take place in:

  • 27 July 2017 – Chatham, Kent – contact Abha Thakor
  • 28 July 2017 – Chelmsford – contact Phil McCusker
  • Date TBC – Midlands – contact Phil McCusker

Thank you to all those who have completed the survey and taken part in the research project.


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