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Discover the predictions of experienced PR practitioners from the CIPR about public relations and communications in 2015. Lynda Fothergill, Abha Thakor and Robert Webb from the Local Public Services Group take a look at public sector communications on page 23 of the new #PR2015 Guide published for the start of this new year.

The 28-page guide looks at the trends and issues affecting the business of public relations in 2015. This is the second year the Chartered Institute of Public Relations has produced such a guide, with the 2014 book receiving almost 20,000 views.

You can view the #PR2015 book on Slideshare at
[slideshare id=42786151&doc=pr2015final-141217023607-conversion-gate02]

Stephen Waddington, CIPR President 2014, said the book ‘is a powerful snapshot of the state of the profession in the UK.’ He said some of the specific issues highlighted by contributors in the book include:

  • the organisational shift from engagement with publics via the proxy or traditional forms of media, to direct two-way engagement via communities
  • infrastructure projects such a road building and superfast broadband as a shot in the arm for regional economies
  • emerging local television networks as an opportunity for brands to engage with their audiences on local issues through timely and relevant content
  • the ongoing conversation around the devolution of the regions and nations as an opportunity for brand engagement
  • sporting events set unite the UK and act as a fillip for regional economies including the Ashes; Tour of Britain; and the 2015 Rugby World Cup
  • the General Election set to dominate traditional media and news for at least the first half of the year

Share your predictions for PR in 2015 on Slideshare or on the CIPR_UK’s Twitter feed using hashtag #PR2015.


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