Help the Local Government Association (LGA) compile a guide on using social media when communicating with residents and communities.

On Thursday 9 October 2014, between 1pm and 2pm, you can share your top tips, recommendations for approaches to use and any other dos and don’ts you have encountered. Just include the hashtag #lgadigital in your Tweet and it will help the LGA and the groups which are supporting this initiative share and develop ideas for engagement across local public services.

Comms2point0, an online resource co-founded by local government communicator Dan Slee, has been supporting the LGA’s production of guidance to councillors and councils in England and Wales. The Twitter chat is part of the research being carried out. The CIPR Local Public Services Group is encouraging communicators to give their support and take part in this exchange of ideas and experiences.

Dan, speaking of the use of social media in local government, said:  “It can connect, listen, talk, explain and communicate with a whole raft of people who wouldn’t otherwise think of talking with local government.” He is keen for communicators across local government to offer their suggestions for how social media can be used and give examples of ways in which it works well. He added: “It’ll be a chance to connect with people from your sector who are doing some fine things. We’d love to hear your view too, whether you are an amateur or a veteran. We’ll also look to gather some good examples of local government social media. Post them onto Twitter with the #lgadigital hashtag. We’d love to see them and see if we can include them in the advice we give.”

Follow @ciprlps on Twitter and take part in the discussion using #lgadigital

Resources for communicators are being brought together by the CIPR LPS, supporting the continuing professional development programme by the chartered professional institute for public relations, the CIPR. More on the LGA’s social media advice will be featured when it is published.

Abha Thakor, CPD lead for the CIPR LPS

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